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APPLINNO realizes his mission of fighting emerging danger to human society by innovative applications from cutting-edge nanotechnology – nanofibers. Such applications are inspired by centuries of scientific practice, supported by continuous analytical studies and R&D by the world’s top experts in the industry, nurtured by modern production technologies.


Nanofibers - revolutionary material for the 3rd millennium

Nanofiber market will be the fastest emerging market in the next decade, analysts say. Nanofibers belong to the world of nanomaterials; their diameter varies in the range of tens to hundreds of nanometers. Thanks to their structure, nanofibrous materials have unique properties and offer unexpected opportunities for their use in many areas.

Nanofiber is so small and light that just over one gram would be enough to circle the world round the equator.

Thanks to such features as enormous specific surface area high porosity small pore size the diameter of fibers the use of nanofibers can be anticipated in many new products.

Nanofiber unique properties in strength, reactivity, electrical and optical quality, permeability of layers, mean that they have huge potential for applications as energy conversion and storage, liquid and air filtration, food and packaging, health and personal care and environmental protection.

Nanofibers offer immense opportunities for creating products with new properties, as they enable the modification or functionalization of a nanofibrous layer using various chemical or physical processes during or following the production process. Functionalization can significantly improve surface properties, creating for example super-hydrophobic (water repellent) or super-hydrophilic (highly water absorbent) materials. The uniformity of nanofibrous layers, their thinness and high permeability make them a crucial material for many industries.

Nanofibers can be produced in a number of ways, such as electrospinning, melt spinning, self-assembly, template synthesis, electroblowing, forcespinning, etc.
At present the only method of producing nanofibers on industrial scale is electrospinning, which uses a polymer solution as the source for creating nanofibers and a high electric voltage. Breakthroughs in nanofiber spinning equipment manufacturers, the most widely used of which is the Nanospider technology made by the Elmarco company, have enabled significant improvement in machinery performance and have thus created the potential for use in many spheres of industry.

The properties of nanofibers significantly depend upon the material from which they are made. Currently nanofibers can be produced on an industrial scale from dozens of polymers including biocompatible (which can withstand the biological environment) or environmentally friendly biodegradable polymers.
Nanofibers can change the properties of a range of materials or even enable the creation of entirely new materials. They have a wide range of uses. At present they are most often used in air filtration, where they are very effective in removing submicron particles, including viruses and bacteria. Their high filtration efficiency does not change over time, as in the case of electrically charged filters, while the energy consumption necessary for filtration is much lower than those commonly used filters. Membranes for nanofiltration can separate molecules from the size between 0.5 and 10 nm.


wise choice for life

About us

APPLINNO utilizes the knowhow from nanotech experts, analyzes global health threat, with which designs solution from combined knowledge of both and ultimately converts such solution into innovative applications for both industrial and consumer uses.

Thanks to the core origin of nanofiber development, APPLINNO invests not only in industrial production but also continuous R&D in order to be always present at facing new challenges towards the use of nanofibers.

Our current primary focus is in clean air filtration for the target victim of the world’s fastest economy region – China. Breathing clean air is essential to human health, with 1.4 billion endangered population, APPLINNO is offering some of the best tools to protect human health throughout survival from brutal society development and special occupations.

Nanofiber membrane as one of the core technologies which Applinno® utilizes is benefited from centuries of scientific studies by worldwide expertise. Its fundamental physical structure is realized by the most advanced machine in industrial scale together with patent methodologies, the membrane contains extreme non-woven density of fibers with diameter of 50 to 150 nanometers. Due to this unique physical characteristics of nanofiber network, the pores of membrane are so small that particles like bacteria, dust, mite, mold, pollen, smog and virus are efficiently captured. In a protected area with Applinno®, you can enjoy excellent air permeability but without exposing to health threat such as infection, allergy and pollution.


NAFIGATE Corporation connects experts from the world of science and builds a global center of excellence which aims to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects focused on the development of a new energy saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air cleaning technologies, textile industry, or cosmetic to the global market.

Other NAFIGATE Corporation key activity is transfer of Hydal biotechnology which - as the first technology in the world - utilizes 100% waste - used cooking oil - for the production of a PHA biopolymer on the industrial scale. In year 2015 the Biotechnology Hydal obtained the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award with the excellent evaluation both of the technology and business strategy.

ARTLIFE is an innovative IT company in the field of Internet of things, with multiple years of experience in construction and applied technology development for Internet of things, ARTLIFE is dedicated to finding new and intelligent solution for human living style.

The company‘s scope of business include environment testing sensor, integrated controller, electrical wires and wireless controller, smart appliances for household. Furthermore, ARTLIFE also develops compatible software system to bring user friendly interface to the end users.


Inhaling protection
from allergy,
hazardous particles
and airborne infections

When to use Applinno® masks?

An increasing number of countries are battling environmental pollution due to excessive industrialization, people need an effective tool of immediate protection when going outdoors. Protect yourself right away from smog, dust, hazardous particles, infections, pollen and other allergens with Applinno® nanofiber filtration mask. Use Applinno® whenever the air quality index rises or when your immunity is low.

Why to use Applinno® masks?

Unlike other similar products, the Applinno® mask does not need any additional chemical or silver impregnation. Its unique nanotech filtration system offers highest protection, while maintaining natural breathability. The outline of the mask provides good adhesion yet feels soft on contact with skin for a comfortable wear.

Who to use Applinno® masks?

Children, pregnant and elders need extra protection due to lower immune system. Applinno® offers this protection to all family members as it comes in variety of sizes. The application of the mask is so easy, even children can put it on correctly and it is small enough to fit into any handbag. Always have one ready to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Window membrane

Easy one-step home
and office protection

How do window membrane work?

The Applinno® nanofiber window and door membrane provides an inevitable protection from outdoor pollutants for your home and office. Daily air change is essential in keeping healthy indoor environment and with the use of nanofiber membranes on windows and doors you will not only keep the insect, but also smog, dust, pollen and other pollutants away from the desired space. This also means less dust at home, less cleaning, more time for yourself.

How to install Applinno® window membrane?

The Applinno® window and door screen comes in a roll and can be fitted to any size and shape of your doors and windows. Just follow the instructions on the package and a cleaner safer home or office in no time!

More than protection

Applinno® window screen protects your home from pollutants and allergens but it also provides sun protection. Its extraordinary structure will not be penetrated by rain, therefore you can continue to change the air on a rainy day without worry. These characteristics makes it a perfect household item for people and children suffering from allergies. With Applinno® window screen you can enjoy fresh air, rain or shine!


Sustainable daily protection
from smog and other pollutants.

Air-Con filters

Exposure to pollutants via inhalation is not only an outdoor problem. Smoke, dust and pollen commonly occur in homes and work places and can transfer through air conditioning systems. Allergens at home or in the office can help the development of new allergies or worsen the symptoms if you are allergic already.

Applinno® AC filters are placed on the return air of the AC system. The pollutants are trapped within the filter and only clean cool air is discharged into the room.

Types of AC Filters

Washable air filters. These filters contain a mesh that collects coarse pollutants, like dust. They are easily removed from the air conditioning unit and should be regularly washed with a dish washing liquid and put back after drying thoroughly.

Electronic air filters usually contain a pre-filter to catch coarse dust and electronic filter that attract smoke, mold or pet odors. They are expensive and need to be changed regularly.

Activated carbon air filters. These are porous filters that are highly absorbent, forming a strong chemical bond to odors, gases and other chemical compounds. Very effective with volatile organic compounds (chemical smog).


Stay updated for the latest news
with us and the world of nanotechnology

Applinno® Nanofiber Window Membrane awarded as TOP 10 PRODUCT presented on China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

Date: November 13, 2017
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Applinno will attend the China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen

Date: October 18, 2017
Thanks to very close cooperation with Czech Trade agency will Applinno exhibit on China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzen, November 16 - 21, 2017 - Shenzen Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Visit us at our booth in Hall 1, International section - 1A93!

The Conference of new product Applinno® Air Purification System, the Applinno nanotechnology solution - next example of successful China - Czech cooperation

Date: August 25, 2017
On August 24th, was successfully held the press conference at the Beijing National Convention Center. The meeting has been attended by president of the APPLINNO®, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the representatives of the industry experts. The participants have appreciated intelligent system of air purification + fresh air, nanotechnology application results, as well as the future development trend of enterprises launched an in-depth discussion. …


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